Sunday, March 29, 2009

All Ages Welcome!

It seems that the community is a bit confused on who can get involved with Warehouse 508. Yes, it is a youth-focused space but we need mentors and community members of all ages to contribute.

For example, the YCC is currently working on the programs and workshops that will begin once the warehouse opens. We want to have dance, art, recording, digital design and many other types of classes.

HERES WHERE YOU COME IN GROWNUPS! If you are sufficient in any type of trade or talent like the ones I just listed, we will be looking for individuals to teach these workshops come summer when the warehouse opens.

Beyond that, we want ALL community input. We want the parents of Albuquerque's youth telling us how they feel about the space, what would ensure them letting their child stay down at the warehouse for hours at a time and what would they like to see happen with their kids and the relationship of Warehouse 508.

We're trucking along with the planning process, but PLEASE don't feel left out! If you still hear that inner child calling, your just as much an Albuquerque youth as us.

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