Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fight For The Right Follow-Up

Fight For The Right was a sensational success! Youth, parents and community members from all corners of the metro area showed up in staggering numbers. 800-1,000 to be exact. The Daily Lobo did a multimedia piece on the event and just exactly what Warehouse 508 will be once it opens its doors this summer. Enjoy.

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for the love of frank said...

so, this is the commentary on your commentaries!
i suppose i'm supposed to put this revised commentary here based on the 320comm. website.

your website seems to be comment shy

Most of the comments center on the inside digs that are missing. We want photos of the events from someone who was there. We want information, like personal stories, about what someone who was there experienced. We want to know what it’s like for Justin to be part of the organizational process.

On a personal note, I want a better understanding of what this 508 warehouse is all about. I know that you've described it to some degree, but a profile—permanently placed within the gadgets in the right column perhaps—is what I’d like to see. Who developed the idea? Who is on the board? Who books shows and organizes events? Who is the brain power, how does it work, and how does an ordinary peon like myself get involved?

The website is definitely image heavy and I think everyone wants a bit more text. Explain! Explain! Explain! Then describe! We want to know what this site is all about, and we aren’t getting the meaty posts necessary to give us understanding. I think it’s fair to say that if someone logged on here who hadn’t read the first post, they might be totally lost. Again, that permanent warehouse profile to the right would fill in a lot of gaps.