Thursday, February 26, 2009


Youth Creative Council: The bright young faces behind the wheel of Warehouse 508.

Warehouse 508 is an arts & Entertainment venue and institute designed for youth entrepreneurial opportunities. The vision of this project (in my personal opinion) is an outlet for the youth and driven to funnel their creativity in a safe and productive environment. 

The Youth Creative Council is made up of 8 positions (Not all filled yet!) from youth as young as 16 to 22 from all corners of Albuquerque. This council is a diverse group of individuals that come from different backgrounds and subcultures within the metro area. Warehouse 508 was created to be as diverse as the city and youth it represents. 

On any given day, the YCC meets and plans events, discusses the workshops and classes that will be held at 508 once the doors open this summer. These kids have something special; the power to lead, brainstorm and create at a young and transitional age. 

As of today, the YCC has 10 unique outreach events planned throughout the months of March, April and May. Events like "Punk Prom" to "Slip n' Slide & Skimboard Comp". I shall elaborate more on the events as the YCC whips up the details. Stay tuned for more dialogue and documentary on Albuquerque's premiere arts and entertainment venue!!!


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Lindsay said...

this is great- it was definitely needed- I didn't know anything about Warehouse 508 beside the little info that you gave us in the beginning.

But there is still so much more that you could tell us... How did you get involved? Where did the idea for this kind of youth leadership come from? And how did it develop? You totally have the inside scoop, and you seem timid to share it. Don't be shy! We want to know!)